Hawk Shop: The QU Bookstore

The Hawk Shop is located in the lower level of the Student Union building at 18th and Lind Streets.  Normal hours of operation are:

Monday – Thursday:  8 am to 5 pm

Friday – 8 am to 4:30 pm

Saturday – 10 am to 1 pm

The Hawk Shop will be open extended hours during special university events such as Homecoming.

At Quincy University, undergraduate students enrolled in the fall or spring semesters don’t need to make separate purchases for textbooks—course materials are included with tuition in the QU BookED program!

Created in partnership with Akademos, Inc., and powered by TextbookX, the QU BookEd loan program provides an innovative, personalized, and affordable course material experience for students. At the start of each qualifying term, students will receive the physical and digital course materials they need in order to succeed with a high quality educational experience.

How does it work?

Faculty select the course materials they want to use and submit it through the Online Bookstore, who then sources the high-quality materials in physical and digital formats.

Once students are registered for the term, the Online Bookstore compiles the materials and delivers physical textbooks to campus while digital course material access information is emailed to students, ensuring everyone is prepared for their classes on the first day of classes.

The cost is included in tuition and calculated on a flat fee per student per credit hour, regardless of how much each individual textbook costs.

All students need to do is pick up any physical books at the designated on-campus pickup location and check their email for access information for their digital materials.

What actions do students need to take?

1. Check out your course list to see what materials you’ll receive – see link below.

2. Pick up any physical texts at the Hawk Shop in the Student Union underneath the Cafe.

Check your email for digital access information

Students do not need to take any actions to ensure their materials are delivered. The Hawk Shop will know what materials students need and deliver physical items to campus while access information will be emailed to students as well as listed in their bookstore eLibrary account for future reference. 

Online Bookstore Features:

  • High-quality, low-cost course materials for all of the classes you registered for
  • A personalized page showing your courses and the course materials you will receive
  • Delivery of all materials prior to the first day of class
  • No additional out-of-pocket textbook costs
  • An integrated system where digital materials are easily referenced through the bookstore’s eLibrary      
  • A Customer Experience team that works year-round with 24/7 support during the back-to-school season


What are the Benefits?

By bundling course materials with tuition, students are provided with affordable course materials and are prepared for their classes on the first day. Students no longer need to make separate purchases, search for textbook deals, or pay for additional shipping fees.


Important Information

All QU BookED materials must be returned on the date listed in the academic calendar to the QU Hawk Shop/Bookstore.  Failure to return materials by the due date or returning books in damaged or unsalable condition will result in a non-refundable replacement fee to the students account.   Any dropped courses require the return of course materials to the bookstore no later than the drop date of the replacement fee will be assessed.  No late returns will be accepted.  Students have the option to purchase course materials.